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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is coverage that provides you with income protection should you lose time on the job due to an injury or illness. With disability coverage, you receive partial replacement of lost income.

There are Two Types of Disability Insurance:

  1. Short-Term Disability for Individuals: Typically pays 40% – 60% of your salary for 3 – 6 months
  2. Long-Term Disability for Individuals: Typically pays between 50% – 70% of your previous income if you cannot return to work

Why is Disability Insurance So Important?

The risk of disability is greater than most people realize. When you become disabled and lose time at work, your source of income is eliminated. In addition to lost income, you are most likely experiencing an increase in medical expenses to deal with your disabling injury or illness.

Adding individual disability insurance to your employer-sponsored disability plan can often help those who cannot return to their job recover up to 75 percent of their former income. This is especially important for those who rely on bonuses and commission for a large percentage of their take-home pay. These typically are not covered by group disability benefits but can be covered under individual policies.

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KingBenefits Insurance Solutions is committed to helping you find the best individual disability insurance plan. With nearly 50 years of experience and a true understanding of your needs, we can bring you the ideal disability plan for the best possible price.