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California Workplace Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment in the workplace has become a serious area of concern. Now more than ever, it is critical to provide harassment prevention training to your employees. Not only is training your employees required by California employment law, but it is also best practice in preventing legal risks associated with sexual harassment.

The Law

On September 30, 2018, California enacted a series of laws that strengthen the state’s protections against workplace harassment. Effective January 1, 2019, these new laws:

  • Require employers with five or more employees in the state to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees
  • Expand and clarify employer liability for workplace harassment

Training Requirements

By January 1, 2021, every California employer with five or more employees must provide:

  • Each supervisory with at least two hours of sexual harassment training
  • Each nonsupervisory with at least one hours of sexual harassment training

How Can KingBenefits Help?

KingBenefits offers the required sexual harassment training for managers and employees, providing onsite and online options to customize a training plan to fit your needs.

On-Site Training On-Site
Webinar Training Webinar
Online Training Online

What do the courses entail?

  • Two-hour training courses geared toward supervisory and management staff
  • Educate managers on how to prevent unwelcome and harassing behavior from occurring in the workplace and guidance on how to appropriately respond to unacceptable behavior
  • One-hour training courses for non-supervisory employees
  • Teach employees how to identify and prevent different types of harassment, as well as gain essential skills for creating a harassment-free workplace

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